Sophia Street House


Client: Private

Location: Vancouver, BC

Team: Evelyne Bouchard - project architect while employed at Local Practice Architecture + Design, 

Boydco Renovations Inc. (Contractor) 


Before the renovation, the interior of this 1960’s house was divided into many small rooms along a narrow corridor, making it feel cramped and claustrophobic. We demolished several walls to create a bright, open living space where the whole family can gather. The staircase leading to this space is lined with concealed storage and open shelving to display the clients’ pottery collection. The small, dark kitchen was opened up to give onto the living space and fitted with new custom cabinetry that echoes the millwork along the staircase. To maximize flexibility, a portion of the living space can easily be closed off with large sliding doors so that it can be used as a guest room or a quiet workspace. In order to improve comfort and reduce heating costs, we added insulation to the flat roof and replaced all of the windows.






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