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Meadow House

A house that recalls the vernacular form of rural buildings, nestled among the maples at the edge of a hay field. Warmed by the sun, insulated with a thick coat of cellulose, a cozy nest for dreaming, living, growing.


This project is deeply personal: it is my own house. Designed and re-designed over several years as I got to know the site better over the seasons, then constructed as an owner-builder in the heart of a pandemic with a talented team of local carpenters.


This house shares the honor of being the most energy-efficient house in Quebec with the Ozalée house. Its exemplary performance has been validated by the rigorous certification process of the International Passivhaus Institute.

Architecture and PH energy modelling: Tandem Architecture Écologique

General contractor: owner-builder

Carpentry: Kevin Dauphinais (Myden Construction), Jake Duteau & Corey Duteau (JCD Construction)

PHI Certification: Peel Passive House

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