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Meadow House

A house that recalls the vernacular form of rural buildings, nestled among the maples at the edge of a hay field. Warmed by the sun, insulated with a thick coat of cellulose, a cozy nest for dreaming, living, growing.


This project is deeply personal: it is my own house. Designed and re-designed over several years as I got to know the site better over the seasons, then constructed as an owner-builder in the heart of a pandemic with a talented team of local carpenters.


  • This house is the first new construction in Quebec to be certified by the International Passivhaus Institute.

  • 89% reduction in heating energy requirements compared with a conventional house.

  • 72% reduction in overall energy consumption compared with a conventional house.

  • Reduction in embodied carbon compared with the same house designed to minimum code requirements, thanks to the use of cellulose as insulation. Cellulose is made from recycled paper, so we divert the carbon in this material from the waste cycle, effectively storing carbon in the building envelope.

Architecture and PH energy modelling: Tandem Architecture Écologique

Structural engineer: Luc & Winkelmann

General contractor: owner-builder

Carpentry: Kevin Dauphinais (Myden Construction), Jake Duteau & Corey Duteau (JCD Construction)

PHI Certification: Peel Passive House

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