Tay Valley House

Location: Perth, ON

Team: Tandem (Architect & Passive House Consultant), Zon Engineering (Mechanical), McIntosh Perry (Structural), John Hodges (Construction)


A young family bought a wooded rural lot with the dream of building their “forever home”: a house with a minimal environmental impact that can meet their evolving needs. Living spaces are designed for entertaining and family gatherings, with generous south-facing windows and easy access to a generous screened porch. These are complemented by versatile private spaces that serve as a personal gym, guest room, movie room, office and art & crafts space. The house leverages ordinary materials through meticulously designed details and close collaboration with an open-minded construction crew to achieve exceptional energy savings.

  • This house will consume 80% less energy for heating than a new conventionally-designed house

  • Renewable and locally-manufactured construction materials were used whenever possible, such as cellulose insulation (recycled newspaper) and wood-fibre insulation boards made in Quebec.

  • The project is pursuing the Passivhaus Institute’s Low Energy Building Certification.


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